You were running away

@ Sea Salts

Axe: Fire Axe w/ pose| Avalira 


Antlers: +Half-Deer+ Fawn Antlers (Sesame)| +Half-Deer+

Hair: [BURLEY]_Gosling_LBlonde03| [BURLEY]

Eyes: ID. Gem / Mesh Eyes / Dark Blue| Insufferable Dastard

Facial Hair: Egoisme Addon Beard1 Brown| Egoisme

Beauty Marks: Beauty Mark A+C (freckles)| Shakeup

Teeth: [PXL] OpenMouth PRO TEETH v1.2| [PXL]


Skin: the body co. sky| the body co.

Jacket: [ h ] Brooklyn Leather jacket| hoorenbeek

Polo: [ h ] Polo for Jackets Blue| hoorenbeek


Hands: [CheerNo] Mesh Hand| CheerNo

Jeans: =kk=Undo Jeans -4- NEW RELEASE| =Kokane=

Boots: [LOVE RE ME]Boots#01  BROWN| [LOVE RE ME]


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