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I want to say sorry to the people who’ve followed this blog that I’ve done nothing much in the past months on this blog. Besides real life happening, I lost my best friend, Millie Gears. When I first started this blog, she helped me from day 1 with everything she could help with. It won’t be the same without her, but I know she wouldn’t want me to completely quit blogging, so I’m just going to blog on my Flickr account. This blog will still be up just in case anyone stumbles on this and likes looking at the older stuff. Thanks for following my blog. I love blogging. It’s an awesome creative outlet that people’s encouraging words have kept it going. This is not good-bye, so please keep an eye out, Flickr friend me and say Hey every once in awhile:


Avenue Magazine June Issue – Jayy Fallen

Train Stationn

Check out Avenue Magazine here to see awesome people – > Avenue

Thank you for letting me be a guest blogger.

Starting from Pg. 188-189

Hat/Hair: [Atro Patena] – Neo_Copper| [Atro Patena]
Glasses: [ 2byte ] Retro shades (BK) TypeB| [2byte]
Eyes: .ID. Soulful v2 / Mesh Eyes / Gray| Insufferable Dastard
Freckles: Shakeup – Beauty Mark B (freckles)| Shakeup
Facial Hair:Fruk Strip beard – Light Brown Fruk| Fruk
Bowtie: Kauna – 3pc BowTie: Check Orange| Kauna 
Blazer: Kauna – 3pc Blazer: Houndstooth Brown /w White Trim| Kauna 
Shirt: Kauna – 3pc Shirt [UNDER]: White [OpenCollar]| Kauna 
Pants: Kauna – Trousers [SHORT]: Houndstooth Brown /w White Belt| Kauna 
Shoes:ISPACHI Mesh [Mason Brogues]| Ispachi
Suitcase: Pack21: Around the World| .:StoRin:.
Pg. 192-193
Hat: Eaters Coma – Beanie / Brown| Eaters Coma
Hair: [taketomi]_Akio_LBlonde (adjusted for hat)| [taketomi]
Eyes: .ID. Shine v2 Bloodshot/ Mesh Eyes/ Gray| Insufferable Dastard
Freckles: Shakeup – Beauty Mark B (freckles)| Shakeup
Facial Hair:Fruk Empire Beard Light Brown| Fruk
Shirt: ISPACHI Mesh [Rebellion Double Layered Shirt]| Ispachi
Backpack: ~Tableau Vivant~ Backpack – Dusk blue| Tableau Vivant
Tattoo: -F&G’z- Sugar Skullz Tattoo| Credo
Pants: ISPACHI Mesh [Rebellion Skinny Jeans]| Ispachi
Shoes:GizzA – Loafer Shoes [Brown]| GizzA
Skateboard: HISkate| HISposes
Pg. 196-197
Hair: [taketomi]_Jirou_LBlonde| [taketomi]
Hairbase: Exile Vanilla Hairbase| Exile
Eyes: .ID. Glare [TMD]/ Mesh Eyes/ Gray| Insufferable Dastard
Freckles: Shakeup – Beauty Mark B (freckles)| Shakeup
Facial Hair:Nivaro Heavy Stubble| NIVARO
Coat:AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY – Iceland – Chocolate| AITUI 
Watch: *chronokit* watch no.35 *eden*| chronokit
Pants: ISPACHI Mesh [Mason Pants]| Ispachi
Shoes:Miamai_Miles-Oxford Cap Toe_Ebony|Miamai

I’ll always find you


@ Salt Water

Bag is from ISPACHI from every purchase 🙂


Hair: [taketomi] Jirou_LBlonde| [taketomi]

Eyes: .ID. Mirror / Mesh Eyes / Blue| Insufferable Dastard

Glasses: [ 2byte ] Retro shades (BK) TypeB| 2byte


Facial Hair: Fruk Empire beard – Blonde| Fruk

Beauty mark: Beauty Mark B (freckles)| Shakeup


Skin: Bennett| Fruk

Cardigan  w/shirt&tie: BlankLIne014Cardie_MENS_Blue| BlankLine

Watch: -Entente- Tardif Watch| Entente

Hands: [CheerNo] Mesh Hand| CheerNo

Shorts: <kal rau> Casual Shorts_Washed| kal rau

Feet: ISPACHI [Natural Men’s Feet]| Ispachi

Cut you down


Sorry for the lack of blogging. Internet issues and all that busy stuff. Happiness is liberty @ Our Souls

Axe: [Z-DAY] Zombie Hunter’s Axe| [Z-DAY]



Hair: Hair CHRIS – Caramel| Redgrave

Eyes: .ID. Shine v2 Bloodshot / Mesh Eyes / Gray| Insufferable Dastard


Facial Hair: Fruk Empire beard (heavy) – Light brown| Fruk

Beauty mark: Beauty Mark B (freckles)| Shakeup


Skin: Bennett| Fruk

Shirt: <kal rau> Casual Shirt M2_Plaid| kal rau


Watch: **RE** Rebel Watch M1| RealEvil Industries

Hands: [CheerNo] Mesh Hand| CheerNo

Jeans: [ JP ]:dsg. Kalaheo JNS. // dark blue w/ texture changing belt| [ JP ]

Shoes: ISPACHI Mesh [Mason Brogues] MASON OUTFIT| FaMESHed

Stare at the sun



Keeping it different, changing always.

Cigarette: [ O P E R A ] Bent Cigarette| [ O P E R A ] 


Hair: [taketomi]_Gyp_LBlonde03[taketomi]

Hairbase: Hairbase 2  Vanilla| Exile

Glasses: Poppy’s Glasses| (w)

Eyes: .ID. Liquid Eyes/ Dark Green| Insufferable Dastard


Facial Hair: Zovo – Beard (light) Brown| Zovo

Beauty mark: Beauty Mark B (freckles)| Shakeup


Skin: Bennett| Fruk

Jacket: BlankLine_007Jacket_M_Brown| BlankLine

Shirt: <kalrau> V-Neck Collection-Red| kal rau

Tattoo: -F&G’z- Sugar Skullz Tattoo[fresh]| Credo

Jeans: <kal rau> Casual Jeans_Blue NEW RELEASE|  kal rau